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vested coffee in kansas city

We are established in the heart of the Garment District in north downtown KC. Pioneered by a husband and wife duo, our shop is dedicated to serving great coffee in Kansas City. We are passionate about the city we get to serve, and commit to giving 10% back to the city we love. Want to know where we’re giving back? Click below to learn more.


our coffee for the city

Vested is so honored to partner with some pretty incredible companies. Stretching from right here in Kansas City, all the way out to the Pacific Northwest, we are really excited to bring you products from these talented folks who we really admire. Are you curious about who and what you will see in our Kansas City coffee shop? Click below to learn all about it.


our mission

We are established in history and devoted to good coffee in kansas city. We love the garment district and believe in kc.